Commercial solar designs and engineering to deliver complete plan sets that ensure code compliance and material costs, and maintain project designs as per clients needs.

AR SOLAR PLANS engineers consider all utility, location and constraints. Following a project kick-off call with a senior engineer to discuss further details and objectives, AR SOLAR PLANS designs and engineers will maximize solar designs and engineering, reduce efficiency losses, and uncover equipment and BOS savings.

Commercial Design Packages:

we can customized designs to the requirements of your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and utility. for this package we inlcude :

Project Description
Construction Notes
Governing Codes
Site Plan
PV Layout
Mounting & Racking Methods
Electrical Details
Three-Line Electrical Diagram
Electrical Calculations
Parts List and Required Safety Placards
Data Sheets for Modules, Inverters, Racking, Mounting
Elevation views as needed for certain jurisdictions
Other requirements as specified by your AHJ

AR SOLAR PLANS offers a complete scope of design and engineering services for all commercial and industrial.

Solar carports and canopies
EV charging stations for parking lots
Ballasted and unballasted rooftops
Aggregated meters for warehouses and compounds
Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV)

We design your system projects within 24hrs to 48hrs

Development for Solar projects starts with a design. We design and engineer the most cost-effective and safe that meet your needs. We will handle all the plannings and ensuring your project is ready to start construction. Whether it’s reducing energy costs, resiliency, or environmental sustainability, AR SOLAR PLANS develops projects to meet your needs. Then we will analyze the proposed site for maximum solar generation with or without energy storage.