“The Road to Invest for the Future”

Design Engineer and Energy Consultant was very eager to explain the benefits of solar power, reasonable options for financing any projects and specifically how AR SOLAR PLANS could provide the best system for your needs.

We at AR SOLAR PLANS will give not just a single hand but with full support to whatever design engineering you need.

A few of the solar energy projects we have completed for homeowners across the California are represented here. AR SOLAR PLANS specializes in Engineering and design for residential homes including complex projects such as rooftop solar panels on Spanish tile, standing seam metal solar panels, solar panels on corrugated roof, solar panels on flat roof, and other roof types, as well as ground mount arrays and off-grid systems. Each project is uniquely designed to maximize our customers’ return on investment. Contact us for a free consultation today to find out how can we help you with your engineering and design needs.

We implement client safety party for every project.